Friday, 18 June 2010

We Need Facebook Fans!

Yes we have finally make the face book plunge, something we meant to do but just hadn't got around to doing it... now we can tick it off our to do list.
So I'm hoping our followers on here will help support our face book page & we would be very grateful for your support.
Now down to the juicy bits; here is our new just created face book page for your enjoyment.
If you want to spread the news even further then let everyone you know on the face book "sphere" about our page, spread the goodness...

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Very busy times!

I would like to thank all of our supporters, all of the blog followers, all of the shop favorites and so on. I am very grateful for your support!
So this has been a very busy week for us & we will be very occupied in the next few months. New product lines, shop photo's, promotion, a new website and so on so we are moving forward as quickly as possible.
I would like to thank everyone who has made a purchase on our shop... we have now reached 15 sales since april and are very proud of this achievement.

New product lines:
- We will have a natural unscented body powder/talc for sale at £2.00 each and may include a rose scented flavor if our body powders prove popular.
- We will be selling 3 different soaps, these will feature the most luxurious ingredients to feature in a soap. The flavors will be tangerine twist, lavender & rose petals & Moroccan mint with black tea.
- We will have a new lip balm. Vanilla Pod... a gorgeous blend of french vanilla.
- We will also have some permanent bath salts... which we are very interested in and can't wait to start all of these new ranges.

New website:
- Soon we will have a new website, this will feature a newsletter which you can opt in to receive, a rating system where you can rate products and leave reviews, competitions and so on, we hope this will help get our business out there.

More promotion:
- Yes, evil promotion time. No rest for the wicked, we will be promoting as hard as we can in the next months featuring competitions, giveaways...

So we will be very busy now, it's just finding the time to fit it all in to an already busy schedule.
Very busy times!

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Remember When? - Folksy Friday

This weeks folksy friday is based around memories, thoughts and how we should never forget them. I incorporated many different items under this theme of Remember when? For instance; the physical memories (a trip to paris etc), how we remember them (Photo albums and our brains) & how we should never forget them. We all have memories and they all have importance in our lives, the people we love, the days we've had and the happiness they brought us.
Talking Beads - Seaside Memories Storm Crafts - Memories Mini Book / Photo Album / Scrapbook
Comedaygoday - Summer Memories Glasses Case Sam Gibson - Brain Hand Embroidered Stitched Illustration Wall Plaque
Snowdon - Don't Forget Elephant Notebook Whimsical Wren Jewellery - I remember Paris (Lilac)
I wanted this weeks folksy friday to have a deeper meaning; a friday to jog peoples memories, get people to remember times they had forgotten and furthermore to make the people of folksy smile; we all have memories that make us smile & I hope my folksy friday has made you remember some of yours!

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Great News

Sweet Talk has been busy today, I've been working on some hand cream orders which I am over the moon about and I made my first lip balm sale today, so yes the sales fairy has visited me a blessed me with some of her magical goodness. This post is pretty much filled with happiness and excitement.
Been happily making some vanilla hand creams and some coconut hand creams today and floating about the folksy forums. Is it bad it's become my addiction? Honestly? I don't think so.
We are stocking up on ingredients for our hand creams and lip balms and currently too many ideas for other products.
This is how focused I am at the moment,
Bath Salts,
Perfume Oils,
Solid Perfume,
Body/Dusting Powder,
Sugar Rush Lip Exfoliator,
When sales increase I'm gowing to expand my product range overwise I'll be hip deep in products for the rest of my life.
Friday is approaching which means my second folksy friday! I have no idea what my theme should be. I think I'll focus upon a certain type of craft like ceramic or jewellry making, is that allowed?
Anyway I just wanted to keep everyone upto date with my goings ons, what are you doing for folksy friday?

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Busy Business Buzz!

Hello everyone, thanks to everyone who has followed from folksy, it's a great feeling to be writing my posts and actually have people reading them, so please leave a comment it helps alot.
So our busy business buzz at the moment is about our products we are making, here they are:
Our strawberry fields and citrus kiss lip balms will be added by the end of the week (We've made ten so we won't be short of supply) with photos of the labels hopefully, so you'll see the product on folksy soon.
Our hand creams have sparked alot of interest on the folksy forums so I'll be making them up as soon as possible, getting the designs done to the highest quality and sourcing the lotion bottles so I can put them up on folksy. I have a feeling they will be very popular. They'll be 50 ml at a price of £5.50 as they are made with 100% natural ingredients.
There will be 3 aromas to begin with, Vanilla, Citrus Burst & Lavender so leave a comment if you want me to put one by for you. I will happily do so.
Our bath salts will be available by the end of may, they are made with 100% natural ingredients and they are aromatherapy bath salts. They come in 200g kilner jars and will be sold for £5.50 same as the hand creams.
There will be 6 aromas to begin with and 6 normal bath salt aromas will be added at a later date. The first 6 aromas will be called:
- Wake Me - 100% Natural Elixir Bath Salts
- Tease Me - 100% Natural Elixir Bath Salts
- Heal Me - 100% Natural Elixir Bath Salts
- Relax Me - 100% Natural Elixir Bath Salts
- Detox Me - 100% Natural Elixir Bath Salts
- Unwind Me - 100% Natural Elixir Bath Salts
We are also working on two solid perfumes using 100% natural, organic and fairtrade ingredients which will sell at £4.50 they will be called Vanilla Bombshell & Spicy Seduction.
We are also working on a solid deodorant using 100% natural, organic and fairtrade ingredients.
Leave a comment if you are excited and what me to put an item by for you! I would be so happy if you could post a comment.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Rule Britannia - My First Folksy Friday!

This is my first ever folksy friday, it seems like a fun thing to do so I thought I'd participate. My theme for my folksy friday will be "Rule Britannia seeing as its saint George's day and the elections are coming up I thought it would be an appropriate theme to go with. I hope you enjoy my folksy friday and the lovely items the folksy crafters make.

Bazaar - Old Penny Ring Kren Hilton Designs - Yellow & Pink Union Jack Cushion
Karen Hilton Designs - Queen Three Cushion FluffsStuffs - London Theme Charm Bracelet
SewRecycled! nickynackynoo - Traffic Jam Bunting

Hope you like my folksy friday. I'm not sure whether I've done it correctly but these items I think are gorgeous and symbolize Britannia in it's simplest sense.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Followers, Lip Balms & Fairtrade

From our recent post you all know that we are newly in production of our lip balms and we are very excited. We currently have to send out samples to some great businesses and hopefully they will be the first stockists of our products. We have never been so excited, would we lie to you?

So with all this excitement we have also launched our twitter account and already have 117 followers so a personal thank you to whoever has followed our business we are very grateful. We never thought twitter would be such a perfect opportunity for new and start-up businesses but twitter has proved us wrong.

As you can imagine at Sweet Talk we are currently very busy at the moment what with working with a great designer Debbie Hulme. You can find her website here:
She is a great designer who listens to every idea you have and she provide great work at a quick turnaround time, if your looking for a designer who listens and helps the Chic with design is certainly a good choice.
Here is their twitter account:
Currently we are working to getting our products fairtrade certified and am very excited at this opportunity to promote the use of fairtrade in the cosmetics business. For more news follow us on twitter and we'll let you know how are fairtrade venture is going.