Thursday, 29 April 2010

Great News

Sweet Talk has been busy today, I've been working on some hand cream orders which I am over the moon about and I made my first lip balm sale today, so yes the sales fairy has visited me a blessed me with some of her magical goodness. This post is pretty much filled with happiness and excitement.
Been happily making some vanilla hand creams and some coconut hand creams today and floating about the folksy forums. Is it bad it's become my addiction? Honestly? I don't think so.
We are stocking up on ingredients for our hand creams and lip balms and currently too many ideas for other products.
This is how focused I am at the moment,
Bath Salts,
Perfume Oils,
Solid Perfume,
Body/Dusting Powder,
Sugar Rush Lip Exfoliator,
When sales increase I'm gowing to expand my product range overwise I'll be hip deep in products for the rest of my life.
Friday is approaching which means my second folksy friday! I have no idea what my theme should be. I think I'll focus upon a certain type of craft like ceramic or jewellry making, is that allowed?
Anyway I just wanted to keep everyone upto date with my goings ons, what are you doing for folksy friday?

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